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Reduce your pain of spare parts management -
On-Demand Production

Start now

Spare parts management is a pain, we know.

Expensive downtimes

Parts & supplier are not available.


It is necessary to order more parts than actually needed.

Low stock rotation

Warehousing costs are high due to long stocking times for parts.

Long lead times

Long lead times are causing delays.

Our service is resilient, fast, cost efficient and sustainable.

Develop economic 3D-Printing parts with us.

Share, Identify, Store.

Identify your 3D-printable part and make them work with our qualified engineers. Just share your SKUs and logistical information with us and we find business cases for parts where additive manufacturing is a game changer.

Order your parts from your digital warehouse.

Store, evaluate, order.

Store all your spare parts and their technical / economical information in your private and secure virtual warehouse. You can access your spare parts in your own digital warehouse environment where we store all the part specific information for our decentralized production e.g. CAD drawings, measurements, weight and cost.


Order, relax, receive.

Order the spare parts you need from our global supplier networks with just one point of contact - us. You pick the part that needs to be produced, tell us where it needs to be delivered to and we produce the part with our network of certified supplier. We forward the part information to the producer, we care for the logistics and we do all the needed financial transaction. You only have to order and receive the part.


Your benefits

Local production

Produce in a close, certified location from our partner network.

Shorter lead times

Shorten delivery time and reduce supply chain delays.

Safe costs

You pay what you order - no minimum order quantities or hidden platform costs.

Just one partner

You have one contact for a complex, global supply chain.

From batch size 1

You order what you need - from one part to thousands.


Reduce your CO2 footprint over production and logistics.

“DB commits to reduce its spare parts inventory by 10% until 2030 introducing a digital warehouse together with On-Demand Production by Schenker.
As we hold >600 M€ in inventories this partnership aims to impact DB's profitability significantly.”

Stefanie Brickwede

Head of AM @ Deutsche Bahn

Leading by example DB commited to reduce 10 % of its spare parts inventory by introducing a virtual warehouse together with On-Demand Production powered by Schenker until 2030. As DB holds more than 600 Mio. € bounding capital in inventories this partnership aims to significant impact on profitability of DB.

Stefanie Brickwede

Head of AM @ Deutsche Bahn

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What is the benefit of a one-stop shop for additive manufacturing of spare parts?



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